"She is a loving girl with a heart of gold with so many God-given talents and gifts. I admire her in the way she works really hard just to reach her goals and make her dreams come true. She is so creative and I love how she is using her talents with other persons with best interests in mind. I am her #1 FAN!"
Sandra Hagen
Social Work with Youth Refugee, Norway
"She is a beautiful, good-looking young woman. She has a very positive outlook in life, has a good humor, well-educated and very responsible person. It is easy to work with her for she is approachable and very helpful. If it is needed, I will give my 100% recommendation for her to you."
Roar Johnson
FHM, Treasurer, Norway
"She's a lively girl radiating with joy, love & kindness. She is always in a good mood and surrounded by a nice, comfortable atmosphere. She is hardworking & always does her duties, & on her spare time she enjoys to hang out with friends & look for adventures. Her heart is warm and she usually goes a long way to help others. Her faith is strong and she's not afraid of sharing it with the people around her. It's very easy to get along with her; her laughter is contagious & someone will always feel accepted in her presence."
Coffee Barista, Norway
"The first time I met Cherrie was in November 2016. She is a friend of a Norwegian friend of mine, I used to study with in the States. We had a wonderful evening, having breakfast and talking about all kinds of things. I got to know her caring and lovely personality. She works hard to improve her students' skills and you immediately feel how passionate she is about her job. For me, it was a pleasure to meet her and I really look forward seeing her again."
Janice Emde
MGM Model & English Tchr, Germany
"She is a dear sister in Christ that loves Jesus. She has been very sincere when I have communicated with her and very passionate. She has a great potential living inside of her. Not to be underestimated."
Multistring Musician, Norway
"She is a joyful and happy woman. Her heart is beating for Jesus and for his church to grow and to reveal the love of God. She is kindhearted, accommodating and giving a lot of love and attention to everyone she meets."
Halvor Horvli
Missionary, Norway
"She's a charming woman full of wisdom and she's my important friend. She's very pretty and smart. She's a woman who's very attractive to her co-workers. And although I'm a woman too, I find her lovely and respectable. She had always set higher objectives and manage to do it. She may even shine brighter from now on. Hence, me and family is really thankful of her."
Keiko Fukuda
Program Manager, Japan
"She's a darling, not the prim and proper way but can easily blend in to numerous people. Funny and spontaneous. Whenever she wants to achieve something she can absolutely get it since she always makes sure to give her 100%. Consistent with her faith and very devoted to the things that she enjoys doing. Opinionated and smart when it comes to matters which catch her interest. Loves photography and very kikay."
Hanah Pedimonte
Accounts Receivable Associate, Accenture, PH
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